About Us

Yat Fatt Confectionery was established in 2003 by Master Teh. At first, Master Teh applied the traditional recipes in baking skills and techniques. Under detailed research and inspiration, Master Teh has successfully bake biscuits with authentic flavor.

Yat Fatt is renowned for its unique taste of Crispy Chicken Biscuits as being the freshly baked and truly handmade biscuits. Throughout the years of hard work researching and investigating, the traditional recipes have now been modified into a contemporary and advance baking methods in order to produce the premium quality of biscuits.

Due to the genuine goods at reasonable price, Yat Fatt obtains a very good response among locals and foreign visitors. Over the years, Yat Fatt has become the pioneer in producing a wide range of tempting and appetizing biscuits especially Crispy Chicken Biscuits. Besides the Crispy Chicken Biscuits, Yat Fatt mainly produces Honey Shat Kek Ma Cookies, Sambal Dried Shrimp Biscuits, Flossy Chicken Crisps, Seaweed Roll, Pineapple Crisps and etc. During festive season particularly Chinese New Year, Yat Fatt also releases a variety of festival biscuits.

Yat Fatt aims to produce and promote its very own and exclusive local biscuits to the entire world, as it is a part of Malaysian Chineses food culture. Today, Yat Fatt Confectionery has become a well-known and prominent local delicacy, even a must-buy gift among locals and foreigners.

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